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Wheat Hydrolysed Protein is an aqueous solution of a wheat protein hydrolysate that is obtained by the action of a selected enzyme pool which yields a high level of free amino acids and short peptides. It provides high substantivity to hair and can impart hair repairing properties, improve the ease of hair combing in cleansing formulations and improve colour deposition and retention of dyes on hair.


– Repairs damaged hair keratin
– Imparts body and volume to hair strand
– Helps retaining moisture on hair surface
– Prevents hair swelling and keratin solubilisation in waving and colouring treatments
– Reduces surfactant irritancy of surfactants

Wheat Hydrolysed Protein is water soluble and compatible with surfactants, electrolytes, cationic polymers and most vegetable extracts. It is recommended for use in leave-on and rinse-off applications. Add at cool down phase of formulation (< 45C).

INCI: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

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