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Material : Silicone
Handle material: Silicone,Rubber,Metal
• 【Ergonomic Spatula】The length of the one-piece spatula is 24cm, and the handle and the application part are each 12cm, so that the hands will not get dirty when stirring. The inside of the silicone scraper is metal, the scraper is soft and hard, comfortable to hold, very comfortable to use, and ergonomic.
• 【Safe Material】food-grade material is safe to use on food or on the skin.
• 【Non-Stick & Heat Resistant】The surface of the kitchen spatula made of silicone material is not sticky, and it is very easy to peel off the wax, soap, cream, etc. on the scraper, saving you time and energy for cleaning the scraper. At the same time, this spatula is also heat-resistant, stain-resistant, odor-resistant and mildew-resistant.
• 【Last Drop Spatula】These rubber jar scrapers are curved to help scrape the mixture in jars and bowls more cleanly and transfer it completely to another object without waste. The small hole in the handle makes it easy to hang and store after use.
• 【Wide Application】The reusable spatula is suitable for a variety of scenarios and can be used to facilitate waxing, mixing masks, creams, soap, lotion and powders, applying essential oils and more for home and salon use.


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