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– 100% Pure Rhassoul Clay Powder
– Common Names: Ghassoul, Rhassoul, Moroccan Red Clay
– Appearance: Fine, silky, pale grey powder with a hint of pink-brown
– Odour: Earthy with a hint of fresh wood
– Solubility: Not soluble, use in suspension
– Also called Ghassoul Clay, which means “to wash” (Arabic). This mineral rich clay is one of the purest forms of cosmetic clays found. Used in several high-end spas around the world to provide luxury treatments. Particularly good for oily skin types. Used in both skin and hair care.
– Can be used in masks, scrubs, dry shampoo, foot soaks, bath bombs and soaps. Use with adequate liquids.
– INCI name: Moroccan Lava Clay
– Packaged in plastic jars. Store in a cool, dark place. For external use only.


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