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Glyceryl Oleate is obtained by an esterification process of glycerol and oleic acid both of vegetable origin. A hair lipid and skin lipid with re-fating properties. Used as emulsifier and nonionic co-surfactant in various skin and hair care products. A versatile co-emulsifier which can be used for W/O and O/W emulsions at dosage levels of approx. 3% and 6%. As a hair or skin conditioning agent in surfactant based cleansing formulations up to 1.5% resulting in clear products.

A slightly yellowish pastry, when used in emulsions Glyceryl Oleate is able to give consistency to the formulations and builds fine structured textures. Apart from that Glyceryl Oleate is known to be part of the composition of human skin surface lipids. Even in the so called vernix caseosa of new born babies which helps to prevent the virgin skin from drying. Applied in a cosmetic formulation it penetrates into the stratum corneum and enhances the skin elasticity. Used in body washes Glyceryl Oleate reduces the skin roughness caused by the surfactants.

Glyceryl Oleate is also part of human hair lipids. Once adsorbed from the hair it reduces the roughness and thus decreases combing force of wet hair and enhances the hair gloss.

Recommended usage levels:

3 – 6% Co-Emulsifier
0.1 – 1.5% Skin Conditioner


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