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Calibration Solutions (for pH meter)

Your pH meter is not so fast or accurate anymore? Or you just want more lifetime out of the device? Tired of measuring pH buffer solution for accurate results?

Constant mixing for accurate liquid solutions is messy and can be a hassle. Put the measuring cup away and opt for pre-measured convenience. This set gives you a no hassle option for the exact amount of buffer solution you need for accurate readings. Just mix the powder from each packet with distilled water and you’re good to go.

1*4.01 Solution (Potassium Hydrogen Ph thalate)
1*6.86 Solution (Mixed phosphate)
1*9.18 Solution (Borax)

Buffer solution powders come in pre-measured individually sealed packets: Simply mix with 250 mL of distilled water for each packet Our individually packaged calibration powder is:

Easy to carry for travel
Has a longer shelf life than liquid solution (1 year versus 3 years)
Are pre-measured for most accurate results.


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