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– 100% Pure Activated carbon
– Activated Charcoal is used in cosmetics mainly for its detoxifying, cleansing and deodorizing properties. It has the ability to pull out toxins from the body through the skin. Also used in teeth whitening. Can be used as a natural colourant.
– Can be added to masks, scrubs and soaps.
– PLEASE NOTE: Our activated charcoal is not just burnt wood or the charcoal used on your barbeque grill. It is created in a carefully controlled environment and through a process that allows the carbon source (coconut shells) to develop a porous surface that allows it to work as it should without causing skin irritation and inflammation.
– INCI name: Activated carbon
– Packaged in plastic jars. Supplied in ground, powder form. Store in a cool, dark place. For external use only.


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